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Amazing Themed Chess Piece Sets

Chess – The Ultimate Family Game

You Can Be a Winner if You Plan Ahead

You gain the advantage in any situation through one medium: time You can do things before they need to be done. You can position yourself ahead of time in the best place. Think ahead of any approaching action. Make a plan and you will always have the advantage. Let your advance worrying become advance thinking and planning. The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining. In life, as in chess, forethought wins.

Chess Pieces in Color - Knights, Kings, and Queens





Chess could well be one of the best games for kids to learn to play. There have been hundreds, if not thousands, of studies showing the benefits of learning chess.

In this study, it states that kids who play chess regularly achieve greater academic success – not simply because of the game itself, but also because kids who play chess are thought to be smarter. So, in turn, just playing helps kids believe they are smarter, and therefore have better academic progress.

Colorful Chess Pieces - European Crusades

Not only that, but according to this article, chess is truly the ultimate game for kids of all ages, stating that kids as young as 4 can easily learn the game. The evidence is truly astounding and truly makes chess the ideal family game for kids to play with siblings, parents, and grandparents.

A quick glance at some benefits of chess:

  • Spend quality time – one-on-one
  • Opportunity for discussion
  • Learn valuable skills – the list is practically endless
  • Kids become smarter & more engaged
  • Gives a chance for quiet moments during busy family parties
  • Bridge generational gaps with a game for all
  • Opportunity for conversational chess piece sets

Battle of Waterloo Chess Pieces from History

Using chess pieces, like these shown, from various battles throughout history give parents and grandparents a great talking point on history lessons while spending valuable time together.

Queen's Navy verses Pirates Historical Chess Piece Sets

Some of these chess piece sets can be a lot of fun and stimulate lively conversation, like these with the Queen’s Navy verses the Pirates.

Rome vs Greece Historical Chess Piece Sets

Then there are chess sets such as these with Greece verses Rome – who is going to win?


Full Color Historical Battle Chess Pieces

When having family get-togethers, what more fun could a small chess tournament be? This is a great way for family members to spend some quiet one-on-one time visiting together during the hustle and bustle. Playing chess bridges generations and gives everyone in the family a chance to spend quality time, actually getting to know each other, while kids learn valuable lessons they can’t get anywhere else.

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