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How Children Learn with Board Games

How Children Learn With Board Games Parents, are you concerned that your child isn’t learning enough? Or learning the right skills? Are you a homeschooler afraid your kids aren’t getting enough “social skills”? What are these skills really?

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This eBook is chalk full of information on what your child is already learning and how you can better enhance their learning through play!

An ideal book for parents and educators who are interested in understanding more about how children learn various skills through playing different kinds of board games.

The variety of skills that children learn just simply by playing board games has been thoroughly researched and studied – the results are astounding!

In this digital age with kids playing video games and the rampant labeling of learning disabilities being thwarted upon children, it’s time to get to the root of the problem.

The problem is certainly not the children, it’s how they’re being taught and many of these difficulties can be prevented and corrected with the simplicity that comes from playing board games.

Learn about the many skills that children learn from board games, understand the common myths about how children actually learn, see the research that has been done on board games as an educational tool and help to improve your child’s learning abilities with board games while choosing the right games for every age.

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