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Play is Important for Kids – 42 Quotes

Play is Vital to a Child’s Development – Quotes Infographic

Kids naturally start to play and enjoy playing shortly after birth – why else do you see silly grown-ups all over the world playing peek-a-boo with laughing babies?  Play immediately comes natural with children because it’s how they learn, develop, and grow.

Importance of Play for Kids Development

All throughout history people have recognized this fact in children, but sometimes society seems to lose site of this important factor when trying to make sure everyone has a proper education, when in fact, kids already have a built in learning system called the imagination.

As parents, grandparents, and educators, it’s vitally important that we let kids grow and develop at their own pace.

Not all children learn the same things at the same time, but as they learn and grow, by high school, things should be fairly balanced.

When kids are younger, activities like running, jumping, climbing trees, and playing games have been proven to help with every aspect of early development including: physical, mental, social, and emotional.

Allowing children to freely do these activities help children all throughout their development so that they can really dig into the book learning in later years, when they’re ready.


Play helps kids in every way – so let them play and don’t worry – they are learning!


Here’s a great article from Gooey Brains that tells why kids who climb trees perform better in school.




And here are the 42 fantastic quotes from PlaygroundEquipment.com on the importance of play for kids:

42 Quotes on the Importance of Play - PlaygroundEquipment.com - Infographic


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