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Lovely Girls Playtime Princess Costume

Princess Costumes for Pretend and Playtime

What little girl doesn’t want a princess costume? Even most tomboys seem to like to play princess every once in awhile!

A beautiful selection of princess costumes for your little darling await you with Little Adventures Dress Ups, where you can not only find a variety of styles and colors of princess costume dresses, but where you can also get a selection of accessories for all your little ones.  

Girls love to dress up like a princess, no matter what time of year, and they make great fun for birthday parties and holidays.

Cindrella little girl's princess dress up costume.

Imaginative play is important for all children to learn and grow. Playtime costumes, such as the Lily Pad Princess Dress, provide such a lovely opportunity for little girls to learn etiquette and be feminine as they grow into confident women, mothers, and wives.

Being feminine doesn’t mean prissy or spoiled, and when little girls pretend being little ladies, it helps them when they’re older to be more confident whether they become career driven business owners, authors, or even astronauts.

It also gives little boys a chance to pretend and play at being gentlemen, husbands, and fathers, while they grow into strong confident men.

These adorable princess costume dresses are some of the prettiest ones we’ve found, your little girl is sure to want to wear them every day and they pair nicely with the Fairy Costumes to make her feel special.  Add loveliness to your little girl’s playtime while she pretends she’s a princess in these darling costume dresses.  

The princess costume collection includes favorites such as Lily Pad, Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, the Little Mermaid, and Sleeping Beauty, and LOTS more to choose from in so many styles I wish I was a little girl again! 

But – at Little Adventures – they even have Princess Dress costumes for adults!

And don’t leave your little boy out of the picture – there are knight and prince costumes for him there as well like the Superhero Prince Cape and accessories, so that he can come and save the day!

And no Wizard, Knight, Princess, or Prince costume is complete without accessories like crowns and tiaras – or even wizard and cone hats, flower headbands, and lots more!

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