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Hoppy Floppy’s Happy Hunt Color Game

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Hoppy Floppy’s Happy Hunt Color Recognition Game

What a fun way for children to reinforce color recognition!  Kids have to match colors and take turns with the Hoppy Floppy Squeezer while following the directives on the spinner.

Preschoolers Color Recognition Game


Hoppy Floppy’s Happy Hunt Game is a cute game with both chance and strategy which is perfect for younger children to play together in a home or classroom setting, with other kids, parents, or grandparents.



Help Hoppy Floppy find colorful carrots that are scattered all over the forest and fill your basket with one of each color to win!






What skills will they learn?

  • Colors
  • Matching
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Taking Turns
  • Social Skills
  • Winning and Losing

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To start the game – scatter the carrots on the forest floor and give each child a basket.  The first player gets to have the Hoppy Floppy Squeezer.

Color Learning Game



How to play:

  1. Spin the spinner.
  2. If the arrow points to a color – use Hoppy to grab the matching carrot.
  3. If you have that color, skip a turn.
  4. If the spinner lands on the Hoppy thief — you get to steal any color from another player.
  5. If the spinner lands on a tipped basket — you have to put all your carrots back.
  6. If it lands on the multi-color square – you can pick any color carrot you need!
  7. If you land on sad Hoppy, you lose a turn.
  8. If you land on a spiral — you get another spin.
  9. When you have one of each of the 4 carrot colors in your basket — you win!


Match the Carrot Color in the Basket

This egg-citing game is lots of fun, with a cute egg-shaped box,  for 2-4 players, and children ages 3 and up.  (Parents and grandparents have lots of fun too!)

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Hoppy Bunny Preschool Color Game for Kids


This fun and engaging game uses the same type of strategy and chance as I Got it!

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