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Grandma’s Trunk Alphabet Card Game

Grandma’s Trunk Preschooler’s Alphabet Card Game

Take learning the alphabet, phonics, and vocabulary to the next level with your kindergartners and this super alphabet card game! Perfect for parents and teachers alike.


Learning the alphabet has never been so much fun than with Grandma’s Trunk Alphabet Card Game which is really 5-games-in-1, all of which are highly engaging and perfect for both home and classrooms.

ABC Kindergarten Game for Home and School





Twenty-six beautiful alphabet picture cards and 26 alphabet riddle cards, designed by a professional Canadian artist, are all packed in an adorable trunk that is also the package.








What skills will they learn?

  • Letter Names and Sounds
  • Vocabulary
  • Alphabetical Order
  • Sequencing & Patterns
  • Memory Skills
  • Listening Skills
  • Storytelling
  • Riddles & Fun
  • Taking Turns & Cooperative Team Skills
  • Social Skills


This alphabet card game is sure to be hours of fun & learning with more than 5 different ways to play!

Teach Kids Alphabet the Fun Way

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Games to play and variations:

  1. What Comes Next? – Take turns putting cards in alphabetical order while packing Grandma’s trunk. Add a variation by identifying vocabulary words pictured on the cards. Kids learn phonetic letter sounds.
  2. Memory Time – Take turns repeating the sequence of the cards in the trunk orally while packing Grandma’s trunk.  Fun for younger multiple players, or class, chant the list together as they’re packed. Add challenges for other players to remember them in order and build vocabulary and thinking skills by identifying the kind of item that gets packed next.
  3. Letter Sequence Memory – Everyone gets cards dealt to them.  Then take turns packing Grandma’s trunk in alphabetical order, repeating what is already in the trunk. Add challenges to other players to remember them all – in alphabetical order.
  4. Grandma’s Riddles – Everyone gets cards dealt to them.  Listen to the riddle and then race to see who has the card to answer it by using logical thinking skills. Add a variation by having all children stand who have a card that answers the clue, and narrow the answer down until one child is left standing, much like the game of Clue.
  5. Grandma’s Adventures – Put all the letter cards in the trunk.  Then, taking turns, each child takes out a card to create a cooperative, cumulative story.

Kids Educational Alphabet Card Game


The ways this game can be played are numerous and are ideal for playing with a single child or an entire classroom in ways that are fun, engaging and educational.  Grandma’s Trunk Alphabet Game is a wonderful way for kids to learn their ABC’s, sequencing, storytelling, logic, and lots more.



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This game has received the 2012 Parent’s Choice Recommended Award and is for a parent or teacher with one child or a whole classroom, children ages 5 and up.



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