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Fun Board Game for Kids to Learn US Geography

Learn Geography Through Play!

When learning geography, one of the best ways to reinforce their skills is for kids to play games.  U.S. Geography is learned and reviewed easily with the board game DestiNation USA.  This game is so much fun that even adults enjoy playing, with or without the kids!

It’s such a fun way to make your way across the USA while learning states, landmarks, historical destinations and capitals.
Geography Board Game


Whether your kids are currently learning U.S. Geography in school or not, this is a lighthearted and educational board game for them to learn and review the USA!  This board game, where you travel across the United States gathering up state chips, is easy enough for younger children to play while still being challenging enough for adults to enjoy, making this a game that’s truly for the whole family.

The goal is to gather the most state chips to win the game, and it’s harder than you think as you go play through the cards and sometimes end up in different areas.  While being a little challenging and requiring some strategy, there’s also a lot of chance that makes the game entertaining for everyone in the family.

Take a trip to the Oz Museum in Kansas, Crater Lake in Oregon, and Glacier National Park in Montana while also getting to travel to Mount St. Helens or Mount Rushmore!

Recommended for ages 8 and up, though we’ve found that a lot of younger children really enjoyed playing this board game and did a great job playing.  It’s also made for 2-5 players.


Kids Easily Learn Geography

Games that bring together fun and learning, like our I Got It! board game, are our top favorites.  This game has qualities of being both educational and highly entertaining, so for a great family game night and geography review, take a DestiNation across the USA with this highly recommended board game.


Get your board game of DestiNation USAKids Fun U.S. Geography Game today and add some more fun to family game night!


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