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Fairy Headband Craft and Toadstool Snacks

Flower Fairy Headband Craft & Toadstool Snacks

Create an adorable flower fairy headband wreath with your little girl and add some creativity to her fairy or princess costume!  An easy craft to make, she’s sure to want to make a few different colors and styles.

The fairy headband can be made in a variety of ways and are so adorable. They go perfectly with the fairy costumes, and would make a lovely addition to any little girl’s birthday party.  They would also be an easy to make party favor for all her friends.


With just a few simple materials, you can both enjoy making a fairy headband for all her dolls and playmates!


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Get the full craft details here!


DIY Fairy Headband for Girl's Costume



Little fairies love to have delicate finger foods that are nutritious snacks as well so they can keep up with their fluttering around.  For some added fun to your little girl’s fairy playtime, make her these adorable toadstool tomato and cheese snacks!


These are great little snacks that add nutrition as well as colorful amusement to playtime.  What a cute idea for a fairy themed birthday party that all the little girls, and boys, are sure to remember and enjoy.


Fairy Toadstool Snack Recipe 


Fairy Teatime Toadstool Recipe Snacks to Make


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These kinds of recipes and crafts are the kinds of things children remember their whole lives because when you make crafts for them or together, you’re making special memories as well.

Not only do kids love when they get to keep pretending, even into mealtime, but it makes them feel special when Mom or Dad add little things like toadstool snacks for fairies to their play.

Have some fun with your little fairy and make her day special!

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