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10 Disney Board Games for Big Kids

Top Ten Disney Board Games for Big Kids

These enjoyable Disney board games offer kids a great way to learn through play and develop valuable social and developmental skills. What’s more fun is when they can play with their favorite Disney characters.  Family time is especially important for kids to learn emotional intelligence and confidence that will significantly increase their success later in life.  Playing board games as a family is a great way to naturally develop these skills.

Here are ten of the top favorite kids Disney Board Games for Kids 6 and up:

Cranium: Disney Family Edition Board Game

Family Disney Board Games


Cranium with custom Disney game board and 400 cards is super fun for the whole family.  Kids and grown-ups can laugh along as they test their knowledge through drawing, sculpting and acting out of favorite Disney characters. Disney Board Games for Kids


Features classic Disney characters and new favorites such as Frozen and Big Hero Six.

Great for kids ages 8 and up!




Trivial Pursuit Ultimate Disney Edition



Trivial Pursuit has been a classic game of fun and knowledge for over 30 years and with Disney’s version you can have even more fun learning Disney facts. Choose from List questions, Take 2 Trivia or My Disney, where you get to find out how well your teammates know you.

Disney Family Trivia Game


This Disney board game is more than just trivia, there are also many personal questions where you can learn more about your family and friends, such as asking what your favorite Disney moments or characters have been.


Family Trivia Game with Disney Characters

Trivial Pursuit Ultimate Disney Edition is a great way for family members to work together as a team and compete to win at the same time, while learning about each other.  Ages 8 and up, minimum of 4 players.  Perfect for family game night!




Wonderful World of Disney Trivia Game in Collectible Tin


This collectible Disney board game of trivia is perfect for the whole family and includes two separate decks of cards, one for kids and one for adults.  The card deck for grown-ups includes 1,600 questions and the kids’ deck has 800 questions.  Includes beautiful metal film-reel tin with Disney throughout the years.

Disney Trivia Tin Card Game


In The Wonderful World of Disney Trivia Game players gain tokens for correctly answering questions about Disney movies, characters, theme parks, music, and even movies from Touchstone Pictures, moving them along the board from start to finish.

Wonderful World of Disney Trivia Gift


For kids and adults ages 7 and up.  Play as individuals or set up teams. And, when you’ve mastered all the questions in this game, you can also purchase additional trivia games to continue play.  Super fun for the whole family of Disney fans!




Disney Apples to Apples Card Game

Have lots of fun goofing around with this fun Disney version of Apples to Apples!  Includes new twists on the original game that make it even more fun.  Red Apple cards come to life with everything Disney from theme parks to movies and TV.


Apples to Apples Disney Version Card Game


Includes 360 cards and the Disney exclusive Poison Apple card that offers a major twist in play.

Disney Card Game

Lots of family fun with the Apples to Apples Disney Card Game, for ages 7 and up with 4-8 players recommended.




Pictopia-Family Trivia Game: Disney Edition

The ultimate Picture Trivia family game includes trivia from cartoon classics, hit movies, TV shows, and theme parks. Players test their knowledge of many well-known Disney characters through teamwork and competition. You’ll also have fun learning about other players with guess-my-answer questions.

Disney Family Fun and Challenging Board Games

Players get to take turns playing the host and getting to ask the questions while players answer questions individually or through teamwork based on the Disney pictures included on the cards.

Family Fun Games with Disney

Family and friends will have lots of fun with this strategic game that encourages both cooperative play and competition.  Ages 7 and up recommended.


Disney Pictionary Game

Take the Classic game of Pictionary and add a Disney twist and you have a game that is super “Goofy” fun for the whole family. Players use charades, singing, drawing, and sound effects to give clues and get their team to draw the right card first with Mickey hands. Clues are easy enough for kids and fun enough for adults!

Board Games for Children with Disney Characters

The Disney version of Pictionary includes 200 cards with 400 clues, an “all play” game mode, adorable Mickey slap hands, Mickey dry erase drawing boards, and of course, all of your favorite Disney characters.

Disney Board Games for Bigger Kids

Lots of family fun for everyone with this Disney version of Pictionary!



Disney Magic Kingdom Game

Take your family on a trip to the wonderful world of Disney at home with the Disney Magic Kingdom Game.  Players travel their way through Pirates of the Caribbean, Frontierland, Space Mountain, Snow White’s castle, the Haunted Mansion, and many other favorite Disney attractions, all on a board game.

Disneyland DisneyWorld Board Game for Kids and Adults

The first player to visit 5 attractions on their given cards and then make their way back to the park entrance wins.  The Magic Kingdom Disney Board Game includes game board, cards, dice, 5 player pieces, and two zinc Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck pawns.

Travel to Disney with a Board GameRecommended for bigger kids, with lots of grown up fun too!  Younger kids can easily play along with help from grownups.



Sorry! Disney Version

The classic game of Sorry! takes on a whole new Disney twist that’s simply magical!  Not only is the game enhanced with your favorite Disney heroes, villains, and friends, but also includes special cards that can give each player or team a chance to advance or be sent into retreat.

Disney Version of Sorry Game for Kids and Adults

Tarzan, Captain Hook, Pooh, and Ariel players or teams race to be the first one to make it home.


Fun Family Board Games with Disney

Recommended for kids ages 6 and up.



Disney Monopoly Game

Who doesn’t love a good game of Monopoly?  Pair the classic game with Disney and you’ll have many hours of magical fun for the whole family.  Players purchase theme park properties with Disney money and build with Toontown houses and Disney castles to win.

Disney Monopoly Board Game

The Disney version includes Disney theme park attractions, Sorcerer’s Hat and Magic Mirror cards, Mickey Toontown houses, Disney castles, Pop-up Disney castle, and 8 collectible Disney character game pieces.


Monopoly with Disney Castle Board Game for Kids and Adults

Recommended for kids and adults ages 8 and up.




Disney Theme Park Edition Scrabble Game

Players use special Disney-themed word play to spell their way through the most popular word board game!  Join Disney with Scrabble and what do you get?  A bit Goofy and a lot of Magic for hours of family fun that’ll have your family playing over and over.

Family Game of Scrabble with Disney

Includes Magic Cards and bonus points for Disney themed words, with Disney tote bag, Disney bonus word cards, and custom tile racks.

Scrabble for Big Kids Disney Version

Recommended for kids and adults ages 8 and up, with 2-4 players.



Playing board games is a natural way to develop necessary skills when kids can play with friends, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, parents and grandparents. Having a challenging selection of games for children as they grow and develop helps them learn more easily while they have fun and gain skills for success.  Many of the Disney board games give several classic games a fun twist that provides variations in play and some different challenges.

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