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Community Helpers Kids Playtime Dress Up

Community Helpers and Profession Pretend and Playtime Dress Up

Children love to dress up and pretend to be community helpers and they learn about them through play. Firefighters, police, and doctors are great role models for kids and can be their greatest heroes.

It’s important for children to learn about community helpers during preschool years so they know who can help them in times of need.

They also can learn about professions they may want to pursue when they’re older.

Dress up costumes are a fun way for them to learn about people in their community.

Police children's community helper costume for kids.

From police to firefighters and paramedics – it’s important for kids to learn about community helpers!

When teaching young children about community helpers, it’s good to be able to take them to local fire stations and see the big fire trucks so they’re not afraid. It’s so much fun to have a real firefighter costume to go along with what they’ve learned.

These fun costumes from Melissa and Doug are perfect for every day dress up.

Firefighter costume includes a megaphone, firefighter hat, and fire extinguisher.

When kids go to the doctor for a checkup, or when they’re sick, they often learn doctors are there to help. This naturally leads to wanting to help others feel better, or even grow up to be a doctor themselves.

When children like to pretend to be doctors and help those who aren’t feeling well, a doctor costume brings joy to their imagination. With this adorable doctor costume for kids – your little ones will enjoy making everybody feel better.

Includes a doctor’s coat, mask, stethoscope, thermometer and more for fun playtime. Kids can even put their own name on the name tag on the coat.

Children love to dress up as community helpers, princes and princesses, astronauts, and fairies. They learn so much through playing and pretending during preschool years. Let your kids imaginations soar with fun pretend and playtime dress up costumes!

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