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Children’s Books – Paramedic Chris – Community Helpers

Paramedic Chris Children’s Books

Does your child want to grow up to be a doctor, nurse, paramedic, or drive an ambulance? Paramedic Chris children’s books are a gentle introduction to both the community around them and early reading skills. These read aloud books for ages 4-10 are perfect for kids to learn about important community helpers as they also learn to read along.

Ambulance Emergency Learning Book for Kids Paramedic Chris

These brightly illustrated books will help your children learn what happens when someone calls an ambulance. Kids get to learn about emergency calls in a child-friendly way with age-appropriate language and illustrations.

In these books, written by Tim Parsons, children learn valuable lessons about personal responsibility and social issues through the eyes of a caring paramedic and his friends. Paramedic Chris books are the best children’s books we’ve seen, based on real stories, and that kids love.


Ambulance Book for Kids to Learn About Paramedics


*Note – the book is written in British English, so there may be a few things different for U.S. kids – such as calling 911 instead of 999, but easy enough to explain. 

See the second book in the series, where Paramedic Chris teaches kids about a bully! 

Paramedic Chris and the Ambulance Crew Teach Kids About Bullies

In these popular children’s books, kids will learn how people get the help they need when an ambulance arrives, and why it’s important not to make prank calls. The stories in these children’s books are based on real life emergency calls which the author has attended as a chaplain. You can be sure your kids will learn how paramedics really help people through a day in the life of a paramedic. Kids also get a glimpse into the life of a paramedic’s family and friends.


The latest book in the Paramedic Chris series is called Paramedic Chris and The Runaway Chicken! Chris and Zara experience a very different kind of call which ends up with the local community working together. We love the adorable chicken illustrations in this book!

Paramedic Chris and The Runaway Chicken - Community Helpers Book

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