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Astronaut Costume for Kids Playtime

Kids Astronaut Playtime Costume

Skyrocket your kids imaginations with a fun astronaut costume, spaceships, real astronaut ice cream to make space play a learning experience.  Whether you’re studying space in your homeschool or just want to find a great astronaut NASA costume for your kids, you should see some of these incredible costumes.

Kids Astronaut Suit Costume This realistic space costume is awesome for your little astronauts!

Kids learn so much through play and often costumes are some of the best toys they could ever have.  Not only does a child get to imagine they’re really an astronaut, but this is also an amazing opportunity for them to learn.

Does your child want to explore space when they grow up?  Do they dream of what it’s like to visit the moon?  Or travel in a space rocket?

This astronaut costume and space play costumes are great fun for your astronaut in training.

And don’t forget the popular orange NASA costume.

Kids NASA Suit Costume for Play

For a complete Astronaut Set, for kids ages 3-5, – which is a great deal and includes:

  • Astronaut Costume – with jumpsuit, silver space gloves and shiny space helmet
  • Astronaut Handbook
  • Peel and Press Sticker Mission Activity
  • 3 Packages of Astronaut Ice Cream – one of each flavor

A huge favorite for kids is, of course, astronaut ice cream!  This is the real astronaut ice cream developed by the Apollo space program missions.

You have the option to choose from Neapolitan, Cookies and Cream, or Chocolate Chip.

So, if you have a little one who loves to play space and just might want to be an astronaut when they grow up, let them play – and skyrocket your child’s imagination into outer space!
Astronaut Ice Cream Pack for Kids

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