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Free Counting and Addition Math Pages

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Download Free Math Pages

Kids will love these free math pages to help them practice counting and addition with fun shapes.  They’ll also have fun cutting and pasting the answers on the math pages, and writing number words on clear, uncluttered pages.

When it comes to math, kids need lots of practice to memorize the facts.  These worksheets are a perfect addition for your preschool and primary grade students to help learn counting and addition up to facts of ten.

Almost 20 pages of free, fun math pages for kids to practice their early math skills!


Math Pages to Download and Print


With uncluttered, black-line handwriting math pages, kids can practice writing numbers and number words with copywork.

Practice Math Pages - Numbers and Words


Then kids can count shapes and write the correct number in the answer box.  Each shape that is counted has a corresponding shape to write the answer.  Includes math pages with simple shapes such as circles, squares, and triangles.

Counting with Shapes Math Pages and Worksheets


Then there are pages where children can add the shapes together, then cut and glue the corresponding number in the right box. Included is a spot for a fun animal picture to cut and past as well.

Cut and Glue Addition Math for Kids

For more practice, there are pages with three different shapes, including circles, squares, and triangles, to count and write the correct number, then add them together and write the answer in the corresponding shape.

Add Shapes with Math for Preschoolers


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