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Amazing Themed Chess Piece Sets

Chess – The Ultimate Family Game

Chess Pieces in Color - Knights, Kings, and Queens


You Can Be a Winner if You Plan Ahead

You gain the advantage in any situation through one medium: time You can do things before they need to be done. You can position yourself ahead of time in the best place. Think ahead of any approaching action. Make a plan and you will always have the advantage. Let your advance worrying become advance thinking and planning. The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining. In life, as in chess, forethought wins.



Chess could well be one of the best games for kids to learn to play. There have been hundreds, if not thousands, of studies showing the benefits of learning chess.

In this study, it states that kids who play chess regularly achieve greater academic success – not simply because of the game itself, but also because kids who play chess are thought to be smarter. So, in turn, just playing helps kids believe they are smarter, and therefore have better academic progress.

Colorful Chess Pieces - European Crusades

Not only that, but according to this article, chess is truly the ultimate game for kids of all ages, stating that kids as young as 4 can easily learn the game. The evidence is truly astounding and truly makes chess the ideal family game for kids to play with siblings, parents, and grandparents.

A quick glance at some benefits of chess:

  • Spend quality time – one-on-one
  • Opportunity for discussion
  • Learn valuable skills – the list is practically endless
  • Kids become smarter & more engaged
  • Gives a chance for quiet moments during busy family parties
  • Bridge generational gaps with a game for all
  • Opportunity for conversational chess piece sets

Battle of Waterloo Chess Pieces from History

Using chess pieces, like these shown, from various battles throughout history give parents and grandparents a great talking point on history lessons while spending valuable time together.

Queen's Navy verses Pirates Historical Chess Piece Sets

Some of these chess piece sets can be a lot of fun and stimulate lively conversation, like these with the Queen’s Navy verses the Pirates.

Rome vs Greece Historical Chess Piece Sets

Then there are chess sets such as these with Greece verses Rome – who is going to win?


Full Color Historical Battle Chess Pieces

When having family get-togethers, what more fun could a small chess tournament be? This is a great way for family members to spend some quiet one-on-one time visiting together during the hustle and bustle. Playing chess bridges generations and gives everyone in the family a chance to spend quality time, actually getting to know each other, while kids learn valuable lessons they can’t get anywhere else.


10 Disney Board Games for Big Kids

Top Ten Disney Board Games for Big Kids

These enjoyable Disney board games offer kids a great way to learn through play and develop valuable social and developmental skills. What’s more fun is when they can play with their favorite Disney characters.  Family time is especially important for kids to learn emotional intelligence and confidence that will significantly increase their success later in life.  Playing board games as a family is a great way to naturally develop these skills.

Here are ten of the top favorite kids Disney Board Games for Kids 6 and up:

Cranium: Disney Family Edition Board Game

Family Disney Board Games


Cranium with custom Disney game board and 400 cards is super fun for the whole family.  Kids and grown-ups can laugh along as they test their knowledge through drawing, sculpting and acting out of favorite Disney characters. Disney Board Games for Kids


Features classic Disney characters and new favorites such as Frozen and Big Hero Six.

Great for kids ages 8 and up!




Trivial Pursuit Ultimate Disney Edition



Trivial Pursuit has been a classic game of fun and knowledge for over 30 years and with Disney’s version you can have even more fun learning Disney facts. Choose from List questions, Take 2 Trivia or My Disney, where you get to find out how well your teammates know you.

Disney Family Trivia Game


This Disney board game is more than just trivia, there are also many personal questions where you can learn more about your family and friends, such as asking what your favorite Disney moments or characters have been.


Family Trivia Game with Disney Characters

Trivial Pursuit Ultimate Disney Edition is a great way for family members to work together as a team and compete to win at the same time, while learning about each other.  Ages 8 and up, minimum of 4 players.  Perfect for family game night!




Wonderful World of Disney Trivia Game in Collectible Tin


This collectible Disney board game of trivia is perfect for the whole family and includes two separate decks of cards, one for kids and one for adults.  The card deck for grown-ups includes 1,600 questions and the kids’ deck has 800 questions.  Includes beautiful metal film-reel tin with Disney throughout the years.

Disney Trivia Tin Card Game


In The Wonderful World of Disney Trivia Game players gain tokens for correctly answering questions about Disney movies, characters, theme parks, music, and even movies from Touchstone Pictures, moving them along the board from start to finish.

Wonderful World of Disney Trivia Gift


For kids and adults ages 7 and up.  Play as individuals or set up teams. And, when you’ve mastered all the questions in this game, you can also purchase additional trivia games to continue play.  Super fun for the whole family of Disney fans!




Disney Apples to Apples Card Game

Have lots of fun goofing around with this fun Disney version of Apples to Apples!  Includes new twists on the original game that make it even more fun.  Red Apple cards come to life with everything Disney from theme parks to movies and TV.


Apples to Apples Disney Version Card Game


Includes 360 cards and the Disney exclusive Poison Apple card that offers a major twist in play.

Disney Card Game

Lots of family fun with the Apples to Apples Disney Card Game, for ages 7 and up with 4-8 players recommended.




Pictopia-Family Trivia Game: Disney Edition

The ultimate Picture Trivia family game includes trivia from cartoon classics, hit movies, TV shows, and theme parks. Players test their knowledge of many well-known Disney characters through teamwork and competition. You’ll also have fun learning about other players with guess-my-answer questions.

Disney Family Fun and Challenging Board Games

Players get to take turns playing the host and getting to ask the questions while players answer questions individually or through teamwork based on the Disney pictures included on the cards.

Family Fun Games with Disney

Family and friends will have lots of fun with this strategic game that encourages both cooperative play and competition.  Ages 7 and up recommended.


Disney Pictionary Game

Take the Classic game of Pictionary and add a Disney twist and you have a game that is super “Goofy” fun for the whole family. Players use charades, singing, drawing, and sound effects to give clues and get their team to draw the right card first with Mickey hands. Clues are easy enough for kids and fun enough for adults!

Board Games for Children with Disney Characters

The Disney version of Pictionary includes 200 cards with 400 clues, an “all play” game mode, adorable Mickey slap hands, Mickey dry erase drawing boards, and of course, all of your favorite Disney characters.

Disney Board Games for Bigger Kids

Lots of family fun for everyone with this Disney version of Pictionary!



Disney Magic Kingdom Game

Take your family on a trip to the wonderful world of Disney at home with the Disney Magic Kingdom Game.  Players travel their way through Pirates of the Caribbean, Frontierland, Space Mountain, Snow White’s castle, the Haunted Mansion, and many other favorite Disney attractions, all on a board game.

Disneyland DisneyWorld Board Game for Kids and Adults

The first player to visit 5 attractions on their given cards and then make their way back to the park entrance wins.  The Magic Kingdom Disney Board Game includes game board, cards, dice, 5 player pieces, and two zinc Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck pawns.

Travel to Disney with a Board GameRecommended for bigger kids, with lots of grown up fun too!  Younger kids can easily play along with help from grownups.



Sorry! Disney Version

The classic game of Sorry! takes on a whole new Disney twist that’s simply magical!  Not only is the game enhanced with your favorite Disney heroes, villains, and friends, but also includes special cards that can give each player or team a chance to advance or be sent into retreat.

Disney Version of Sorry Game for Kids and Adults

Tarzan, Captain Hook, Pooh, and Ariel players or teams race to be the first one to make it home.


Fun Family Board Games with Disney

Recommended for kids ages 6 and up.



Disney Monopoly Game

Who doesn’t love a good game of Monopoly?  Pair the classic game with Disney and you’ll have many hours of magical fun for the whole family.  Players purchase theme park properties with Disney money and build with Toontown houses and Disney castles to win.

Disney Monopoly Board Game

The Disney version includes Disney theme park attractions, Sorcerer’s Hat and Magic Mirror cards, Mickey Toontown houses, Disney castles, Pop-up Disney castle, and 8 collectible Disney character game pieces.


Monopoly with Disney Castle Board Game for Kids and Adults

Recommended for kids and adults ages 8 and up.




Disney Theme Park Edition Scrabble Game

Players use special Disney-themed word play to spell their way through the most popular word board game!  Join Disney with Scrabble and what do you get?  A bit Goofy and a lot of Magic for hours of family fun that’ll have your family playing over and over.

Family Game of Scrabble with Disney

Includes Magic Cards and bonus points for Disney themed words, with Disney tote bag, Disney bonus word cards, and custom tile racks.

Scrabble for Big Kids Disney Version

Recommended for kids and adults ages 8 and up, with 2-4 players.



Playing board games is a natural way to develop necessary skills when kids can play with friends, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, parents and grandparents. Having a challenging selection of games for children as they grow and develop helps them learn more easily while they have fun and gain skills for success.  Many of the Disney board games give several classic games a fun twist that provides variations in play and some different challenges.


10 Disney Board Games for Little Kids

Top Ten Disney Board Games for Little Kids

Disney board games offer kids a great way to learn through play. When you have a child who loves Disney movies, board games are a great way to help them learn while having fun with their favorite Disney characters.  Board games teach kids a variety of skills easily that they don’t even realize they’re learning and many of the classic favorites have fun Disney characters.

Here are ten of the top favorite kids Disney Board Games:


World of Disney Eye Found It Board Game


Disney Hidden Pictures Board Game for Family Time

This game includes a 6 foot game board where you discover hidden treasures amongst Disney characters and scenes.

Disney Board Game for Kids

This fun family game promotes cooperation and teamwork while engaging little ones with observation skills, attention to detail, object identification, and matching skills with over 1,000 hidden treasures on the board.

All players must work together to get to Cinderella’s castle before the clock strikes midnight!

World of Disney Eye Found It Disney Board Game




Disney Junior Scrabble Board Game

Disney Kids Learning Game


Classic Scrabble Junior game for kids with Disney characters to make it extra fun!

Disney Board Game for Kids

Scrabble Junior is a great game to help little ones match letters and improve vocabulary and spelling skills.  Kids will love building words with some of their favorite Disney characters.

Disney Junior Scrabble Board Game





Disney Guess Who? ~ The Original Guessing Game

Disney Board Game for Kids

Kids favorite Disney characters are included for the classic, super fun guessing game! Kids get to ask questions to find out what Disney character their opponent is before their identity is given away!

Disney Guess Who? ~ The Original Guessing Game




Disney Princess Pop-Up Magic Pop-Up Magic Castle Game

Princess Castle Disney Board Game for Kids

Your little princess will love this magical board game when she gets to play with one of her favorite Disney princesses!

The game board is a pop-up 3-D magic castle and she has to reach the enchanted stone first to win and avoid villains who send her back.  Princess game pieces are Aurora, Snow White, Belle and Ariel.  Game board can be connected to other Pop-Up Magic game boards to extend play.




Disney Princess Pop-Up Magic Pop-Up Magic Castle Game




Candy Land Disney Princess Edition

Candy Land Disney Princess Edition

Kids enjoy the classic Candy Land game while being able to play their favorite Disney Princess!

Disney Princess Board Games



Game includes Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty who compete to be the first princess to dance at the Candy Land Ball.  Little girls will love this classic fun board game with the sparkling, magical Disney twist!

Candy Land Disney Princess Edition


HiHo! Cherry-O Game Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Edition

Disney Mickey Mouse Board Game




Classic HiHo! Cherry-O game with classic Disney characters Mickey, Donald, and Goofy!

Disney Math Skills Game for Kids


Hi Ho! Cherry O helps kids with early numeracy skills that will give youngsters a super head start in math while having lots of fun. Kids compete through play and taking turns to pick all the fruit off their tree first to win.

HiHo! Cherry-O Game Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Edition




Candy Land Game Disney Minnie Mouse’s Sweet Treats Edition

Disney Minnie Mouse and Daisy Game

One of kids favorite classic games with a Disney twist!

Minnie Mouse Candy Land Board Game

Players compete through play as either Minnie Mouse, Figaro or Daisy Duck to get to Minnie’s Sweet Shop.  Kids have lots of fun traveling down the sweet and colorful Candy Land path as they have lots of fun learning valuable skills such as taking turns and counting.


Candy Land Game Disney Minnie Mouse’s Sweet Treats Edition


Disney Hedbanz Board Game

Disney Kids Game Mouse Ear Hedbanz

Super fun Hedbanz game where kids get to wear Mickey Mouse ears while they guess which of their favorite Disney character they are!

Disney Game for Kids with Mickey Mouse Ears


Hedbanz is a super silly game where each player wears a card on their headband that they don’t get to see and they have to ask “What am I?”. Taking turns while the timer runs out they get to ask the other players questions until they guess which Disney character they are.  This is a game that will have kids laughing and giggling for hours with lots of silly fun, while still learning important social skills and problem solving.

Disney Hedbanz Board Game



Mickey’s Clubhouse Surprise Slides Board Game

Surprise Slides Kids Mickey Mouse Board Game

Kids have lots of fun playing this Mickey Mouse Clubhouse game where they get to play a different game every time!

Disney Board Game for Kids

Players have to spin the spinner to see whether they get to move or change and flip around all the durable, silly slides to add a new twist  on the game.  Players get to choose from the classic Disney characters Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy while they have fun trying to get to the finish line, which isn’t as easy as you might think!



Mickey’s Clubhouse Surprise Slides Board Game




Disney Classic Characters Matching Game

Memory Matching Game with Disney Characters


The simple, yet highly educational, memory game with classic Disney characters will have your kids improving their matching and memory skills. This game features colorful and durable tiles that won’t easily bend or fold, which makes them great for younger children.  Kids also learn social skills like taking turns when playing with others while learning alongside their favorite Disney characters.

Disney Classic Characters Matching Game


Family game time is important for children to learn to take turns, win and lose, along with math and reading skills.  There are so many classic games that have been made even more fun for kids with their favorite Disney characters, all of which make great children’s gifts that will give them a lifetime of learning that they can receive from hours of fun.



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Hoppy Floppy’s Happy Hunt Color Game

Hoppy Floppy’s Happy Hunt Color Recognition Game

Preschoolers Color Recognition Game


What a fun way for children to reinforce color recognition!  Kids have to match colors and take turns with the Hoppy Floppy Squeezer while following the directives on the spinner.



Hoppy Floppy’s Happy Hunt Game is a cute game with both chance and strategy which is perfect for younger children to play together in a home or classroom setting, with other kids, parents, or grandparents.



Help Hoppy Floppy find colorful carrots that are scattered all over the forest and fill your basket with one of each color to win!



What skills will they learn?

  • Colors
  • Matching
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Taking Turns
  • Social Skills
  • Winning and Losing

Click Here to Get It!


To start the game – scatter the carrots on the forest floor and give each child a basket.  The first player gets to have the Hoppy Floppy Squeezer.

Color Learning Game



How to play:

  1. Spin the spinner.
  2. If the arrow points to a color – use Hoppy to grab the matching carrot.
  3. If you have that color, skip a turn.
  4. If the spinner lands on the Hoppy thief — you get to steal any color from another player.
  5. If the spinner lands on a tipped basket — you have to put all your carrots back.
  6. If it lands on the multi-color square – you can pick any color carrot you need!
  7. If you land on sad Hoppy, you lose a turn.
  8. If you land on a spiral — you get another spin.
  9. When you have one of each of the 4 carrot colors in your basket — you win!


Match the Carrot Color in the Basket

This egg-citing game is lots of fun, with a cute egg-shaped box,  for 2-4 players, and children ages 3 and up.  (Parents and grandparents have lots of fun too!)

Get it Here!

Hoppy Bunny Preschool Color Game for Kids


This fun and engaging game uses the same type of strategy and chance as I Got it!

Click Here for More Details!

Frida’s Fruit Fiesta Alphabet Game

Frida’s Fruit Fiesta Alphabet Game

Kids Learn and Match Alphabet Letters when playing Frida's Fruit Fiesta Game


When looking for engaging games for your little ones it’s hard to know where to find the best ones with so many choices!


Luckily for you, we’ve been looking too and we have found some great games that your toddlers are sure to love.  Not only are these games highly engaging and entertaining, but they’re educational too! What parent could ask for more?


One of our first pics is Frida’s Fruit Fiesta Game. As you’ll see, the inventor of the game goes banana’s over fruit with this rainforest fruit themed game.






What skills will they learn?

  • Letters and Alphabet
  • Patterns and Matching
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Strategic Thinking Skills
  • And, of course, they learn turn-taking and social skills too.


Get it Here!


Alphabet Fun Game for ToddlersThis game’s star is a toucan named Frida, who kids get to pass around and use to grab the fruit bowls.  Each fruit bowl contains a letter and kids match the letters on their nest cards.  The play and strategy is much like I Got It!, where kids learn alphabet skills instead of math.  When they’ve gotten 4 in a row they win!



How to play:

  1. Each player spins 3 letter spinners – better watch out for the monkey!
  2. Scan the nest card for a letter that matches one that was spun.
  3. Search the rainforest fro a fruit bowl with the matching letter and use Frida to grab it.
  4. Place the fruit bowl on the matching letter on the nest card.
  5. Four in a row wins!



This game has received the 2014 Parent’s Choice Award and is lots of fun for 2-4 players, and children ages 4 and up.  (Parents and grandparents have lots of fun too!)


Get Frida’s Fruit Fiesta Here!

Preschool Alphabet Matching Game




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15 Kids and Family Board Games for Under $15

Make Family Memories with Board Games

Sometimes looking for great gifts can be difficult, especially during Christmas when you often have a lot to occupy your time.  Board games make some of the best gifts for people of all ages and they also make memorable holidays.  Memories of sitting all around the table after a hearty Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner and playing a board game, laughing together are some of the best!

These are some of the current top board games – all with holiday prices under $15!

(in no particular order)  


1.   Mickey’s Clubhouse Surprise Slides Board Game

Kids play with Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy pieces and it’s a different game each time you play, making it fun to play again and again!

Mickey Mouse Board Games Under $15


2. 2013 – Fire and Ice Sorry Board Game

Great for kids 6-15 and 2-4 players who get to slide, collide and score to win!

Sorry Classic Board Games


3.  Chutes and Ladders Board Game

Ages 3 and up get to play this fun family game which is mainly good for helping little ones learn to take turns.


Classic Board Games for Kids

4.  Monopoly

Who doesn’t love a good game of Monopoly with the kids?  Monopoly is a game that has a long history of entertainment.  Get this edition for less than ten bucks!  Includes a new cat game piece.Family

Monopoly New Pieces for Game

Classic Board Games


5. Hi Ho Cherry-O -And Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Edition

Hi Ho Cherry-O is a great game for preschoolers learning to count and sharpen their math skills while learning to take turns and having fun!  Ideal for ages 3-6.

Preschoolers Board Games for Kids


Or get this family favorite in Disney’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Edition with Mickey, Goofy, and Donald!

Mickey Mouse Board Games 6. Frida’s Fruit Fiesta Alphabet Game

Preschoolers learn the alphabet and letter recognition through play with this fun board game!  Recommended ages 4 and up.


Great board games gift for kids.

7. Super Hero Squad Chutes and Ladders Board Game

Classic game of up and down with the super hero squad! Recommended for ages 3 and up.


Classic Board Games for Kids

8.  Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus Board Game

Based on the Pigeon book series, this fun game for kids, ages 3 and up, will help children learn social skills, concentration, fine motor and strategy skills.

Board Games for Preschoolers Gift


9. Learning Resources Sun Swamp Game

Math adventure board game for Preschoolers and up where they learn to add and subtract.

Board Games Gift Under $15


10. I Got It! Math Board Game

Special holiday discount for I Got It! board games.  Super math board game helps kids to recognize shapes, colors, numbers and counting while having fun!  Great for preschoolers, ages 4 and up!



Learning Board Games


11. HedBanz Game

Super fun and silly game that has kids giggling while they guess “What Am I?”.  This is a game that is fun to play for both kids and grown-ups.  Each player gets to wear a headband with an interchangeable card that only other players get to see.  Then the fun begins as the timer runs out while players can only ask yes or no questions to figure out what’s on their card.  Recommended for ages 7+, but younger kids have a great time playing along with older kids and adults.

Fun Game for Kids Gift


12. Connect 4 Game

Classic game that’s lots of fun – simple for younger kids while still has a bit of strategy making it fun for older kids too!  Get four in a row with your color to win!  Recommended ages 6 and up.

Fun, affordable gifts for kids.


13. Disney Princess Pop Up Magic Castle Game

Travel down the path as one of 4 favorite princesses when you spin the spinner to reach the enchanted stone first!  Recommended ages 3 and up.

Princess Castle Board Game for Kids


14.  Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game

Little ones learn about matching, colors, sorting and organizing with this nutty squirrel game that is sure to be one of their favorites!  Ages 3 and up.

Fun preschoolers gift that's educational too!


15. Shelby’s Snack Shack Game

Kids learn numbers and counting through play with this fun game.


Kids Learning Board Game

*All games listed have current prices under $15 at the time of posting.




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Beautiful Metal Themed Chess Pieces

Fine Detailed Metal Chess Sets with Historical & Mythological Themes

Archers Historical Metal Chess Sets

Chess sets of high quality that can be passed down from generation to generation will make a lasting impression on anyone who enjoys the game.  Chess is one of the world’s most popular board games and is perfect for one on one time with friends and children.  Chess is one of the best board games for children to play because it greatly increases their learning abilities in ways that no other games can.


Children who play Chess learn a great deal of patience and in learning the strategy of the game it has been proven time and time again to make them smarter.  The unique challenges of the game are helpful for problem solving later in life because the game not only expands critical thinking but also enhances memory.  Additionally, playing Chess with a parent is a quality time of memories for a child that cannot be matched.



Chess teaches foresight, by having to plan ahead; vigilance, by having to keep watch over the whole chess board; caution, by having to restrain ourselves from making hasty moves; and finally, we learn from chess the greatest maxim in life – that even when everything seems to be going badly for us we should not lose heart, but always hoping for a change for the better, steadfastly continue searching for the solutions to our problems. – Benjamin Franklin



These exquisitely designed themed, metal Chess pieces don’t help your strategy, but they certainly add to the enjoyment of the game.

Historical Middle Ages Metal Chess Sets Pieces

Coming from the workshops of Italfama near Florence, Italy and Manopoulos in Athens, Greece, you’re sure to find unmatched quality in these fine metal pieces for your Chess game.  Some chess sets include a green oxidation and faux blue paint to accentuate details and add an antiqued appearance.

Roman History Chess Set Pieces Metal

Manopoulos pieces are based on Euro-Mediterranean history and Greek Mythology, giving you a choice of interesting battles for your game.  These highly detailed pieces are plated in metals such as copper, brass and nickel.

Metal Knights Pieces Historical Chess Sets

Italfama Chess pieces are world-renowned for their impressive Chess sets of elegant design and fine metal work.  For traditional and modern Staunton designs, along with a variety of historical themed sets, Italfama Chess pieces have a variety of choice designs that you’re sure to enjoy.

Metal Pieces Napoleon Historical Chess Sets

Choose from such fine Chess sets as Medieval themes, Napoleon, Egyptians, Romans or Hercules.  Even within the themes you’ll have a choice of painted, accentuated or shined brass and nickel sets.

Beautiful High Quality Metal Chess Sets

These impressive Chess sets are so beautiful you’ll want to have them on display and they are of such high quality and craftsmanship that they’ll be passed down for generations, along with lasting memories of enjoyable games with them.


Metal Mythological Pieces with Chess Sets in Detailed Copper



View and purchase exquisite, fine quality, historical and mythological themed metal Chess pieces. 



Learn the Constitution with a Board Game!

Learn the U.S. Constitution with a Top Rated Board Game


Learn the US Constitution with a Board GameWhether your kids are studying U.S. history, U.S. government or you just want to be sure everyone in the family learns our country’s most important law, you need to get your hands on the top rated board game Constitution Quest!



This fun, engaging board game has simple directions that are easy to follow with twists and turns that make it interesting for both children and adults.  Each time you play you’ll learn more and more about the U.S. Constitution and the freedoms that we are guaranteed through this living historical document.



Knowledge of what the U.S. Constitution actually contains is extremely important for every U.S. citizen and there’s no better way to learn than through having fun with the whole family.  Family time is always made better when you’re learning together!



Learn Living History through Constitution Board Game



This game is intended for older kids and adults, but many younger kids, who have a good basis in history, have a great time reviewing the facts they’re learning which makes it ideal for use in the classroom.  We all learn better when we are having fun, especially children.  Board games are an interactive way for kids to learn, not only the skills from the game itself, but also important social skills that today’s digital games don’t allow.

U.S. Constitution For Kids and Adults


With this fantastic game you’ll learn, not only about the Constitution, but also the Declaration of Independence, the 3 branches of government, powers granted and denied, checks and balances, laws from the Articles, Bill of Rights and other Amendments, many historical facts and dates and lots more!  There are over 223 game cards full of Constitutional information to review and learn in this fun and educational board game.  You’ll also receive a complimentary copy of the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence.


U.S. Constitution Board Game - Learn with the whole family


Recommended for ages 10+ and 2-4 players or teams.


Get the Constitution Quest Board Game! 



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Fun Board Game for Kids to Learn US Geography

Learn Geography Through Play!

When learning geography, one of the best ways to reinforce their skills is for kids to play games.  U.S. Geography is learned and reviewed easily with the board game DestiNation USA.  This game is so much fun that even adults enjoy playing, with or without the kids!

It’s such a fun way to make your way across the USA while learning states, landmarks, historical destinations and capitals.
Geography Board Game


Whether your kids are currently learning U.S. Geography in school or not, this is a lighthearted and educational board game for them to learn and review the USA!  This board game, where you travel across the United States gathering up state chips, is easy enough for younger children to play while still being challenging enough for adults to enjoy, making this a game that’s truly for the whole family.

The goal is to gather the most state chips to win the game, and it’s harder than you think as you go play through the cards and sometimes end up in different areas.  While being a little challenging and requiring some strategy, there’s also a lot of chance that makes the game entertaining for everyone in the family.

Take a trip to the Oz Museum in Kansas, Crater Lake in Oregon, and Glacier National Park in Montana while also getting to travel to Mount St. Helens or Mount Rushmore!

Recommended for ages 8 and up, though we’ve found that a lot of younger children really enjoyed playing this board game and did a great job playing.  It’s also made for 2-5 players.


Kids Easily Learn Geography

Games that bring together fun and learning, like our I Got It! board game, are our top favorites.  This game has qualities of being both educational and highly entertaining, so for a great family game night and geography review, take a DestiNation across the USA with this highly recommended board game.


Get your board game of DestiNation USAKids Fun U.S. Geography Game today and add some more fun to family game night!




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Playing the Board Game Clue – Classic

How to Play Clue, Cluedo –  the Traditional Version

Clue, or Cluedo, is a popular murder mystery board game originally produced in the United States by Parker Brothers, and Waddingtons in the U.K., currently produced by Hasbro.

It has been a family favorite board game for generations. The object of the game is to solve a murder. Who did it? With what weapon? In which room?

The classic edition is shown below from Parker Brothers with original suspects, rooms and weapons.  Many reviews of the newer Hasbro editions have stated that they lack in quality.

1.  Find 2-5 friends- the game is meant to be played with 3-6 players, although it is possible to play with just two.


2.  Place the pawns in the appropriate starting places.

Each weapon has a specific room as given in the instruction manual:

  • Dagger – Ballroom
  • Lead pipe – Conservatory
  • Revolver – Study
  • Rope – Lounge
  • Candlestick – Dining room
  • Spanner/Wrench – Kitchen


3.  Make one stack of cards for the rooms, one stack for the weapons, and one for the suspects.


4. Shuffle each stack.


5. Put a random card from each of the three piles into the solution envelope. Make sure you do not peek at the cards that go into the envelope.


6. Divide the rest of the cards among the players.
 The players can look at their cards, but shouldn’t let others see it.


7. Check off the cards you are holding in your hand on your detective notepad, because you know that those cards are not in the envelope.


8. Choose a pawn.


9. When it is your turn, roll the die and advance that many spaces either forward or backwards.


10. Enter a room during your turn. 
When you enter a room, your turn ends and you cannot move forward anymore.


11. When you enter the room, guess who committed the crime, and with what weapon, in the room that you are in.

Move the suspect and the weapon you suspect into the room with you.


12. The player to your left looks at their cards, and if they are able to disprove your theory, they have to show you only one of the cards that disproves your story.


Once you have been disproved, your turn ends. If the player to the left does not hold any of the cards you mentioned, the next player in the circle attempts to disprove your theory using only one card.


13. The player can only make a suggestion in a room, and the theory must include the room in which they are present.


14. Once you think you know all three cards in the envelope, you can make an accusation. To make an accusation, you do not have to be a room and can make one on any turn.


15. Announce the three cards that you believe to be in the envelope, and then surreptitiously look at the cards in the envelope.


16. If you are right, you have won!  Lay out the cards for the rest of the players to see.


17. If you are wrong, you are out of the game.  The rest of the players continue playing. You must still disprove suggestions with the cards you held in your hand.


18. Have fun!




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