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Medieval Crafts – Masquerade Mask – Bow and Arrow – Snacks

Medieval Crafts & Tea-Time Recipe Ideas

Whether you have Robin Hood, a Knight, a Warrior Princess, or studying the Middle Ages – you need to be sure they have a cool Bow and Arrow set!  What a great way for them to have even more fun by helping make these fun DIY medieval crafts?  The Bow and Arrow craft is a good project for kids ages 3-8 with help from Mom or Dad.

DIY Kids Bow Arrow Medieval Craft


Get the Bow and Arrow Craft Project Instructions Here! 


What little girl wouldn’t love to have her own masquerade ball mask?  With these adorable DIY mask crafts – she’s sure to learn some creativity and have a lot of fun making this special project with Mom or Dad, along with some wonderful memories.  You get 3 different downloadable mask templates free, and with just a few supplies you can make beautiful masks like the ones shown below that your children are sure to have fun adding to their playtime!

Masquerade Mask Templates DIY Craft


Masquerade Mask Craft Supplies and Instructions – Download and Print Free Templates – Including Butterfly


And to complete the princesses playtime she’s sure to need a snack at tea time, dainty finger foods of course!  There are several great ideas for your little girl’s tea time play where you can make sure she’s getting her nutrition to fend off all those handsome princes.  These are some great recipes for any princess or little girl having a tea party, birthday party or holiday fun.

Girls Teaparty Princess Snack Foods


Tea Time Princess Finger Food Recipe Ideas


Playtime is always more fun, not only with costumes to dress up in, but with projects and foods to make, they also have the opportunity to learn more while they pretend.  With all these fun craft and recipe ideas, your little ones are sure to have lots of fun creating happy memories.

When doing studies like Medieval History/Middle Ages or Drama, these crafts also blend beautifully with unit studies or as stand alone projects for little ones!


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Fairy Headband Craft and Toadstool Snacks

Flower Fairy Headband Craft & Toadstool Snacks

Create an adorable flower fairy headband wreath with your little girl and add some creativity to her fairy or princess costume!  An easy craft to make, she’s sure to want to make a few different colors and styles.  The fairy headband can be made in a variety of ways and are so adorable. They go perfectly with the fairy costumes, and would make a lovely addition to any little girl’s birthday party.  They would also be an easy to make party favor for all her friends.  With just a few simple materials, you can both enjoy making a fairy headband for all her dolls and playmates!

Take a look at the link for other fairy playtime crafts as well.

Get the full craft details here!


Make Your Own Flower Fairy Headband



Little fairies love to have delicate finger foods that are nutritious snacks as well so they can keep up with their fluttering around.  For some added fun to your little girl’s fairy playtime, make her these adorable toadstool tomato and cheese snacks!  These are great little snacks that add nutrition as well as colorful amusement to playtime.  What a cute idea for a fairy themed birthday party that all the little girls, and boys, are sure to remember and enjoy.


Fairy Toadstool Snack Recipe 


Recipe for Fairy Party Toadstools with Tomato and Cheese


Take a look at the link for more fun recipes that add some creativity to your little one’s playtime!

These kinds of recipes and crafts are the kinds of things children remember their whole lives because when you make crafts for them or together, you’re making special memories as well.  Not only do kids love when they get to keep pretending, even into mealtime, but it makes them feel special when Mom or Dad add little things like toadstool snacks for fairies to their play.

Have some fun with your little fairy and make her day special!



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Astronaut Recipes and Crafts for Kids

Make Your Own Toy Space RocketKids love to pretend and they learn so much from play.  Oftentimes a child is already interested in what they want to be when they grow up – usually without knowing it!  As parents its our job to provide them with activities and tools to help them learn and be a guide for them.

If you have a little one who is really interested in space studies, everything astronaut, chances are they may end up with a job at NASA.

From my experience, I know someone who’s little girl regularly climbed furniture, walls – as high as possible, and nearly scared her mother out of her wits by coloring on the ceiling!  This little girl, now all grown up, yes, as you guessed – works at NASA and is in the astronaut training program.

Sometimes though, when we’re teaching something like astronomy, it’s fun to just add some crafts and play to make the lessons actually stick.  So, take a look at the crafts below and add some fun to your kids space program!

Rocket Ship Craft for Kids

Make a fun rocket ship toy with your kids – they’ll be able to blast off anytime!

Make your own Rocket Ship for Kids


Click Here for Kids DIY Rocket Ship Space Craft



















Another fun craft you can make at home with your kids is the Rocket Pack!

Blast Off Rocket Pack for Kids


Click Here to see the Rocket Pack Craft at My Pretend Place!


Want to make lunch or snack time a blast with fun recipes for little astronauts?  Kids always love when playtime continues into snack time or lunch – it always makes it so much more special.

Take a look at the healthy fruit Space Rocket Recipe, and other fun recipes for your little astronauts in training!

Fun Snack Ideas Healthy


Click Here to get the Space Rocket Fruit Recipe!





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